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We Are US MILITARY VETS MC - Chapter 18 "Raiders" - Hernando County, FLA

About Us

The U.S. Military Vets MC was established in 1987 , in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and is incorporated as a non-profit organization. The club as a national organization strives to achieve the following:

Minimum Requirements For Membership

The process of becoming a member has two phases "Prospect" and "Probate". During the Prospect phase and individual will go to runs and attend portions of meetings with the club as a guest. This gives the prospect a chance to evaluate his desire to belong to this brotherhood and the club members to evaluate his basic personality and compatibility.

The Probate phase is longer and gives the probate the opportunity to learn the proper conduct of a member in an MC. It affords the membership the opportunity to evaluate the probate as an individual they will be proud to label as and depend upon as a brother. During this time the probate is under the direct supervision of an experienced member whenever wearing the club "rockers".

To seek membership in the US Military Vets MC, the veteran must have the following: